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Immigration Law.

Our attitude towards immigration reflects our faith in the American ideal, and we have always believed that it is possible for men and women who start from the bottom up to the extent that their talent and energy allow it.” Neither race nor place of birth they must affect their possibilities…

– Robert Kennedy

The Law Offices of Johanna Herrero was established by founder, Johanna Herrero, and is a Boston-based immigration law firm with a nation-wide practice, focusing primarily on removal defense, naturalization, and family-based immigration. The firm practices in family and probate court and state criminal court to the extent required for immigration representation at the Executive Office for Immigration Review. Attorneys at the Law Offices of Johanna Herrero practice solely in immigration law and emphasize the importance of an efficient and results-oriented approach to representation and client services. Because this is our only area of practice, you will receive the highest level expertise, attention, and experience in immigration law, from our three full time Immigration attorneys. Our passion for immigration law and strong reputation as a removal defense immigration law firm is a testament to our constant monitoring of the ever-changing and evolving field of immigration law and our focus on the specific needs and individualized assessment we provide to all our clients. We have extensive experience with a wide array of immigration agencies: from filings with the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services, advocacy before the Executive Office for Immigration Review, and assistance with navigating interactions with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security.

We are dedicated to providing individualized attention and open communication with our clients. We aim to respond to all our clients’ inquiries within 24 hours. Our 24 Hour Emergency Hotline makes available to our detained clients the services of our Immigration attorneys immediately. We specialize in Immigration Detention and visit ICE Detainees in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Florida.

Our firm focuses exclusively on immigration law issues. We are a team of nine experienced attorneys and legal assistants, as well as several members of the administrative and support staff. The firm now has a strong customer base nationwide, concentrated mainly in the Boston and Miami area.

The firm handles a large calendar of detainees and not detained before the Executive Office for Immigration Review. In addition, we handle cases before the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Board of Immigration Appeals, the Juvenile Courts and certain Criminal Courts.

We provide competitive rates and handle many of our cases based on a flat rate structure, instead of billing per hour. We do not use the traditional system of billable hours and we are open to negotiate pro brono options for the most needy clients. We know that the immigration law affects the family is for them that, for us, no case is too big or too small.

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Pro Bono

It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive.

– Earl Warren- Juez

The legal office of Johanna Herrero offers public service and a considerable amount of pro bono work for her numerous clients who are detained and not detained. Attorney Johanna Herrero encourages the firm, its attorneys and all its staff to provide meaningful representation, even in the most difficult criminal immigration cases. From assisting families in the process of reunification to obtaining safe haven for the most vulnerable asylum-seekers, as well as helping the unjustly deported and releasing the convicted. We provide advice and free legal representation to those who need it most.

In our company, pro bono is not simply a suggestion, it is a mission and a continuous commitment. Through local non-profit associations and organizations based in Boston and Miami, Johanna Herrero’s legal office helps the neediest people. The pro bono department values this work equally for the purposes of reviews and performance of associates. If you would like to benefit from our Pro Bono representation please email to schedule a consultation to explain your unique circumstances so that we may consider your application to obtain pro bono representation.

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Client Reviews

Felicidades, es la mejor abogada estoy muy agradecido por mis papeles muchas gracias Dios la bendiga, le mande muchos mas exitos y salud.. saludos.

Rudy Flores

Gracias protejer con la comunidad Dios les bendiga su trabajo.

Antonio Recinos

Gracias por toda su ayuda y dedicación de su gente y su experiencia en ayudar a la comunidad gracias abogada.

Junior Hernandez

Gracias a usted por que ha podido darlos nuestros sueños Franklin y yo estamos mas que agradecidos. You guys are the best that's my momma and my aunt thank you for making her dream come true and ours too your the best!!!

Julissa Garcia

We are VERY happy with her services! She helped my husband through the most difficult time of his life and we will forever be thankful.

Patricia Diaz

Definitivamente agradecido del trabajo hecho por el buffete de abogados de Johanna Herrero me dieron la esperanza de que había una luz al final del túnel y con perseverancia se logra lo imposible si hubiese más 💫 le...

Felix Maldonado

Dios les bendiga grandemente.

Jose Perez

Felicitaciones por este servicio a la comunidad Latina, bendiciones!!

Koti Hermoza

Te aprecio mucho, valoro tu trabajo.

Hector Eusebio

Muchas felicidades para todos ustedes son un excelente equipo que sigan cosechando éxitos 🙏😘 muchas bendiciones.

Rafaela Colon

Muchas felicidades para el equipo de Abogados.

Velasquez Yanes

Felicidades! Se lo duro que trabaja usted y su equipo. Bien merecido!!!

Claudia Carolina

Felicidades abogada y a todo su equipo dios les bendiga siempre.

Selma Romero

En un momento como este es bueno tener personas que defiendan los derechos de uno. Yo tuve un hijo detenido y la Abogada Johanna y el Abogado John trabajaron muy fuertes para solucionar el caso. En una ocasión yo estaba...

Alex E.

La mejor abogada de inmigración! Estoy feliz y me siento bendecido de haberla encontrado. Ella y su equipo son profesionales que lo dan todo por sus clientes. Yo pensaba que no tenía nada que hacer con mi caso y ellos me...

Xenoxsiz J.

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